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Chemistry homework help??!!?


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Nov 20,  · A. How much heat energy, in kilojoules, is required to convert g of ice at − ∘C to water at ∘C? Express your answer to three significant figures and include the appropriate units. B. How long would it take for mol of water at ∘C to be converted completely into steam if heat were added at a constant rate of J/s?Status: Resolved.

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Feb 25,  · work with these formulas to find molar mass- add all the masses of elements together # of moles-given mass divided by molar mass grams- mass equals molar mass times moles atoms*10^23 times moles 1: c 2: d 3: b Dunno the restStatus: Open.

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Sep 10,  · Tried this a million times & I m stuck. The heat of vaporization for benzaldehyde is kJ/mol, and its normal boiling point is K. Use this information to determine benzaldehyde’s vapor pressure (in torr) at °C. Report your answer to three significant digitsStatus: Open. May 08,  · 1) in nature, uranium undergoes a series of 14 decays before it reaches a stable isotope. Which staement best describes this process? A)the Status: Open.

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Apr 25,  · Please explain the answer so I can understand too: 1) How many moles of H2SO4 are present in L of a M H2SO4 solution? 2) What volume of M NaCl is needed for a reaction that requires g of NaCl? 3) What is the molality of a solution composed of f of acetone, (CH3)2CO, dissolved in g of water?Status: Resolved. Jan 19,  · Best Answer: For problems 1 to 4, you have the ratio of conversion. Put that as a fraction (ex: 16 oz in a pound is 16oz/1lb). You flip the fraction or keep it the way it is, so you can cancel out the unit in your original Resolved.