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GCSE English Coursework (Love Poems)

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Pre 1914 Poetry Coursework Essay Sample
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This gives a sense of pride which will appeal to many young people and would make them want to enlist in the army. This is made clear to us by the heroism of Sir John Moore and the things that the soldiers do to him and the things that the poet says he deserves. The drum is a very negative poem. The poem itself is about getting people to recruit in the army. John Scott picks up on the idea of the drum appealing to the youth especially because they are naive.

The poem has a rhythm very similar to that of a drum. There is emphasis on the first two lines of the poem which are repeated in the first two lines of the second stanza. The poet, John Scott may have been in the army and found it hard and therefore is warning people to not make the same mistake.

John Scott makes the army seem very deceitful. This speech is strongly pro war as it is trying to get people to go into battle courageously and enlist to join the war effort. Hodge is sent into the battlefield as a drummer and the poem describes how his life is a waste as he dies at such an early age.

The poem uses Afrikaans words to build a sense of atmosphere. This poem also has a rhyme scheme to keep a rhythm. The tone is very loud. The rhythm is kept by a rhyme scheme and repletion of some words. The poem sounds as if the men are marching into the battlefield because of this rhythm. The five poems all differ in their approach to war but share similarities in their ideas about war.

Drummer Hodge and Sir John Moore After Corunna share the idea of death in war but the people who die are treated very differently Sir John Moore is treated with up most respect and Hodge is thrown in a communal burial with no real ceremony or respect.

This shows that the trenches were crowded. The short sentences and monosybalic words show urgency. The exclamation mark emphasises the urgency and frustration of the men as they hurry to get through a trench. The poems have bitter and angry tones. The anger and bitterness is shown in the negative words used throughout the poems. This angry the soldiers are that they will swear at something so little as a sagging wire just to release some of the anger.

Wilfred Owen is also angry and bitter at the war. Both the poems use repetition to emphasise certain points. The repetition halfway through reminds us how short ago it was when the soldier was alive. Both the poems show how qucikly the soldiers die. Owen describes the mans death as it happens in a few seconds when gas kills him suddenly. Owen and Sassoun show that in reaity there is no honour in death at war.

The dead is not treated like a hero but like he is merely another casualty of many in the war. He is not treated with respect but he is treated like a peice of rubbish in a dump. This is not the gloriouus death that we would expect from earlier poems.

He is not killed while shooting down enemy troops or in some other glorious heroic way but he is killed stacking sand bags. The Poems have pathos. They both focus on just one death making it stand out from the millions of other casualties.

This makes us pity him more becasue he had family that he has left behind. Sassoun also describes the mans character. This makes the man seem more of an innocent victim than he would if he hadnt been described at all. The mans actions leading up to his death are also described.

Wilfred Owen also describes just one death but also focuses on the effect is has on Owen. There is a gas attack on a group of men.

Owen tell us the effect the death had on him:. It also shows that death was such a terrible thing that it had more than one victim, it traumatised the living who would carry the memory for the rest of their lives.

As the war progressed the poetry became increasingly bitter. Poets became determined to show the truth of what went on at the front line. They wanted to stop people believing the false image the propaganda had given them so that they would think twice about enlisting.

At the time the poems were written many people believed that if they were disabled at war they would be treated as heroes but these poems show that in reality there was no glory in being disabled at war. Seigfried Sassoun shows that there is no glory through his sarcastic tone. The third stanza is about the psychological scars of war. Only a solemn man who brought him fruits. Owen and Sassoun show that disabled soldiers rely on pity.

They would have expected to have relied on respect after they return but people no longer respect them, they pity them. They rely on peoples kindness as they cannot look after themselves anymore. Each poem compares the disabled men to able bodied men showing the contrast between what they are and what they were.

IT wonders whether we would be able to understand truth or even comprehend it fully. It explores the political strength of language and the power it holds to portray and bend the truth. I am a cameraman: I think this is a poem to do with film, and how film cant record everything. It is a silent world. It doesnt try to hide and conceal things, it will always reveal the truth, it will always reveals the marks and blemishes. It is the mirror that is talking. It says that it is silver and exact, it has no preconceptions, so it holds no judgements.

It always reveals the truth, like the other poetry, it doesnt hide anything. I think the mirror is actually a lake from what i gather because she has drowned a young girl.

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The Poetry coursework is one of the most popular assignments among students' documents. If you are stuck with writing or missing ideas, scroll down and find inspiration in the best samples. Poetry coursework is quite a rare and popular topic for writing an essay, but it certainly is in our database.

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To fulfil the English Literature requirements, student must study examples of Pre- and Post prose, poetry and drama across the coursework folder and the examination. The set texts list is published in the English Literature Specifications.

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Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access. Pre Poetry Coursework Essay Sample. Assignment: select a range of poems from your war poetry booklet and compare and contrast the ways these poems treat the subject of war. An Exploration of Love Poetry Essay - An Exploration of Love Poetry Coursework Poetry is an idiosyncratic way of a person trying to articulate their feelings or other in a different way about a variety of topics, love, past experiences, politics etc.

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Understanding Poetry. College essay writing service Question description • Lux, “A Little Tooth” (page ) • Frost, “The Road Not Taken” (page ). Hi, Would anyone please be able to tell me if they know of any poems in which you can gain a feminist or marxist perspective. I have been looking for ages.