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❶In Monster by Walter Dean Myers, what are some details about prison life that most notably affect The book leaves the reader to ponder about whether guilt equals goodness and whether acquittal equals innocence.

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Considering Steve is accused of murder merely by association, it can be gathered that those involved with the murder, Bobo Evans Describe Steve as a character. At his core, Steve is a good kid, and specific people know this about him.

Sawicki calls Steve "an What are arguments for Steve not being guilty? The stakes are high for Steve: Throughout the entire court trial, Steve Harmon wrestles with his own identity. How is Steve Harmon in Monster affected by his mistake? How did prison change Steve Harmon in the book Monster? Prison hardens Steve; he is no longer easily intimidated by tough-looking people. He attributes it to the brutality and violence he had witnessed in prison.

Weakness is abhorred and anyone that What are 10 major events in Monster, the book by Walter Dean Myers? Richard Evans and James King entered a drugstore and robbed it. Steve Harmon, a sixteen-year-old boy, is on trial for possibly being involved in the drugstore robbery.

Steve, along with Peaches, is How does Petrocelli discredit Mr. Sawicki says that he She not only encourages Steve but also gives him advice on how to act in the courtroom that Why did the defense have Ms. During the trial, Asa Briggs uses Dorthy Moore as a witness to testify that James King was at her house during the robbery. She tells Briggs that James was at her home around three thirty.

What are specific examples and details about prison life that most affect Steve? Steve Harmon expresses his negative feelings about jail in his notes throughout the novel. On Tuesday, July 7th, Steve Harmon writes that the only thing the prisoners talk about is hurting one Throughout the novel, Myers examines how the judicial system treats young minorities as subhuman beings instead of unique individuals.

At the beginning of the novel, the prosecuting attorney, What is the major theme of the novel Monster? Walter Dean Myers examines several themes throughout the novel Monster, but the most significant theme he explores is how the justice system dehumanizes young African Americans during the judicial Who is Osvaldo Cruz in the novel Monster?

Osvaldo Cruz is a fourteen-year-old neighborhood gang member who participates in the robbery of a local corner store. Describe the significance of the five main characters in the novel Monster. Steve is a self-conscious individual who struggles with his identity throughout In the novel Monster, describe how Myers suggests that good and evil can be blurred and life is Throughout the novel, Steve Harmon struggles to justify his actions.

He is essentially a good person who has made several terrible decisions and regrets his past actions. In Monster by Walter Dean Myers, what are some details about prison life that most notably affect Steve Harmon describes the horrors of prison throughout the novel Monster and most notably is disturbed about the ongoing violence that takes place in the jail. In the Prologue of the novel, Steve What is the significance of Myers using the term "monster" throughout the novel Monster?

Walter Dean Myers titles the novel Monster after the name that prosecuting attorney, Sandra Petrocelli, calls Steve Harmon at the beginning of the story. In the Prologue, Steve Harmon explains the What did Steve say he was doing the day of the robbery?

Later on in the novel, Steve Harmon takes the witness stand to testify and the prosecuting attorney, Sandra Petrocelli, asks him several questions regarding his involvement in the robbery and There are several scenes throughout the novel Monster which depict Steve Harmon hanging around with people in his neighborhood.

Steve Harmon wishes to gain notoriety for being tough and has Throughout the novel Monster, Steve Harmon is portrayed as a shy, introspective individual who is extremely self-conscious. He gets involved with a group of thugs who are planning a robbery because Who killed the drugstore owner in the novel Monster by Walter Dean Myers? Bobo tells Petrocelli that King smoked some "crank" before they entered the store. In the first flashback scene, Steve overhears two women speaking about the murder of Aguinaldo Nesbitt.

Steve then walks through the crowd of people, and begins to sprint away as the camera pans On Tuesday, July 7th, Wendell Bolden takes the witness stand and is questioned by the prosecuting attorney, Sandra Petrocelli.

Petrocelli asks Bolden why he was in jail at the time he spoke to Mr What are some topics that are explored throughout the novel Monster? Walter Dean Myers examines several topics which include identity, the criminal justice system, fear, and morality throughout his novel Monster.

In the novel, Steve Harmon struggles with his While awaiting trial, Steve is imprisoned with the fourteen-year-old Osvaldo Cruz. Cruz has purportedly gotten a girl other than his girlfriend pregnant. Both boys are too young for the harsh realities of the justice system. Portions of the novel also take the form of a diary kept by Harmon.

Harmon is on trial for participating in a robbery and murder. This alternation between methods of representation heightens tension and facilitates changes in mood from emotional indulgence to strong restraint. The method requires an active and thinking reader, not a passive receptor of information.

Nesbitt, but Delgado was not present at the time of the crime. Flashbacks reveal that Steve Harmon, the main character, was present at a conversation about the crime. Harmon merely listens and does not contribute to these reflections. The story does not offer simple answers to readers, who must draw their own conclusions about the crime and trial.

It is possible that Harmon scouted the drugstore for King and Evans or acted as a lookout for them. He may also be innocent.

In one possible reconstruction of the crime, King and Evans enter the drugstore and demand money. He attempts to guard his property against the two robbers. In the struggle, he loses the gun and is shot by either Evans or King. Lorelle Henry, a retired teacher, identifies King as one of the people present in the store. Her eyewitness testimony is not entirely reliable, however, and is challenged by defense attorneys. Evans hopes for a lighter sentence, admits his part in the events, and implicates the other two defendants.

While Harmon had heard of the crime in the abstract from King, there is no evidence that either Evans or King discussed a role for Harmon in the actual commission of the crime. What is clearly the case is that Nesbitt has been killed and that Evans and King have something to do with the robbery and perhaps also the death of the owner.

Whether or to what extent Harmon served as a lookout, who pulled the trigger, and who had sufficient motive are all left unclear. Diary entries that appear as interludes between court scenes generate compassion for the narrator. He records feelings of resentment, fear, and sadness.

Both Steve Harmon, at age sixteen, and Osvaldo Cruz, a fourteen-year-old fellow inmate, are far too young for the environment in which a reader finds them. In fact, Cruz has come to the attention of the police because he has been accused by his girlfriend of having gotten another girl pregnant. The novel seeks to represent reality by interweaving and integrating disparate discourses into a tapestry that defies logical analysis.

One prisoner points out that ascertaining the truth is not the aim of the court; instead, if a crime has been committed, someone must be locked up. What that person says about his or her innocence or guilt is immaterial to the decision of the jury. A reader who sees the U. It does nothing to resolve the ambiguities, which remain very much part of the story. The jury convicts King, but it absolves Harmon of any responsibility for the crime.

Harmon and his family are greatly relieved, but when he seeks to hug his attorney in appreciation for the victorious outcome, she turns aside and shuffles papers in preparation for leaving. The trial, it seems, has not bridged the gap between the product of the ghetto, Steve Harmon, and the attorney who lives the life of a suburbanite.

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