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Is there a sims 3 cheat for doing homework?

The Sims 3

❶Increase opportunity rewards earn 2x reward Reward: How to bring a sim back to life.

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Command codes
sims 3 homework help

We hobbits are plain, quiet creatures. Adventures make one late for dinner. I tried it on several i had throughout the house; however, only the adult could order the homework from the computer, but no one could get it from the bookcases. I tested it with my adult Sim and she was able to purchase both levels of homework both from the computer and a regular bookcase. Had my teenager order a homework book from the computer and they arrived in his inventory immediately.

Their school report was starting to slide - off to do some extra credit homework now!! And welcome to the forum! Sims 2 can be boring even though it looks more better than sims 3. There you go then you dont have to worry,, xx. Related Questions What do you hate about the sims 3? What does this symbol mean in the sims 3? Many Questions about The Sims 3?

Is there a cheat on Sims 3 that makes your sims have better grades automatically? In Sims 3, what do I do to bring my sim out of a depression? Command codes Back to top Cheats. Testingcheatsenabled [true or false] Happy Simming. Jackattack on May 31, Verified by: Verify this cheat Report a problem with this cheat.

How to unlock all plants. Moodlet Manager, Teleporting, and more! The basic mail box commands: I meant to hire repairman, but I hit repoman.

He was maniacally laughing while sucking my computers up! I called the cops. I bet you can guess what happened: While repoman was doing his dirty work right under his nose! Click while holding shift on a civilian. I believe you can only change the traits if they are in your active family.

If I want to seduce a guy, i move it up to best friend and give him a ring. This is good if you have babies and you want them to sleep, or if you have a working sim who needs a good mood. All you have to do is drag it NOTE: It took me a few tries to get it. Verify this cheat Report this. More actions when you click on items. After enabling the "testingCheatsenabled true" code, you can also hold [Shift] and click on the following objects to access new options: Rainydayz on Jun 29, Verified by: Airedale11 , Anime Ashley.

First enable Testingcheatsenabled true, Example: Then a blue shade over the screen will come down. That is the command box for Sims 3, then type in the following: Next once you have finished making a family and moved it in play that family then you can do this to get lots and LOTS of simoleons: There you have it. Nothing on Jul 09, Verified by: The Cheats I know. I love The Sims 3, and I have put my heart into research about it. You must have just clicked move in household, or have created a family and you are about to the move in the household to do this cheat.

Say there is this really big house and your family cant afford it, just open the cheat box and type in freerealestate, and you have yourself a house you didnt have to pay for. Type this in the cheat box, it is my favorite cheat of all time. Nothing will happen at first, but hold shift and click on your mail box.

You can there Make All Happy, and have any sad emotions other then death go away. You can also choose any career by clocking Career. You can also hold Shift and click yur Sim, and Trigger Age Transaction, making them older, Edit Sim in C-A-S, Modify their traits, and for other sims that arnt in their family, you can add to the family.

Give you 50, Sim coins instantly. Thanks for reading mine, its just that I dont like the other ones and these are the best of all time. Raven on Mar 09, Verified by: You know if you want to have triplets all you got to is: Get your sim pregnant 2. When it get about time to have the baby type in: Testingcheatsenabled true force triplets. Or you can type type that in everyday while she pregnant.

In order to have cheats working, you have to enter "testingcheatsenabled true" after that, add whatever cheats you want into the game! There are more cheats available, but most of the codes does not work. Password What it does help Loads up the cheats MotherLode Gives you 50, Simoleons Katching Gives you 1, Simoleons freerealestate Ignores the money rule when moving a family into a house. Add more "Sims Cheat". StarBerryTea , lona on Jun 29, Verified by: Small, But Useful Cheat.

Password What it does force woohoo makes your sims have woohoo. Add more "Small, But Useful Cheat". Verify this Report this. To change your sims age phase toddler, child, teen and so on without waiting for the transition to come on its own, buy a birthday cake from the grocery store. Place this somewhere on your lot. Click on it and select Have Birthday.

Then choose which sim you want to age up. This is a good way to get past the annoying baby stage. DarkPrincessLove on Jul 11, Verified by: Anime Gurl , samie If you want a girl baby, eating 3 watermelons while pregnant will increase your chances. If you want a boy baby, eating 3 apples while pregnant will increase your chances Reading pregnancy books from the bookstore will help in having a happy baby.

DarkPrincessLove on Jun 19, Verified by: Want mixed gender twins? Works with new patch. Nancydective on Aug 16, Verified by: Available to schedule meetings, slows performance growth Meet Co-Workers: Build Relationship with boss Power Work: DarkPrincessLove on Jun 29, Charismatic Sims get special greetings Level: Friendly Type of Greet: Amusing Type of Greet: Interesting Type of Greet: Flirty Type of Greet: Affectionate Type of Greet: Funny Type of Greet: Impressive Type of Greet: Hilarious Type of Greet: Loving Type of Greet: Hot Type of Greet: In order to raise your charisma skill, you have to have certain numbers of friends and relationships Level: The more expensive the column, the more flooring it can support.

Column Contempo can support a four by four grid of flooring above it. The column de Mish can support five by five. DarkPrincessLove on Jul 04, Increases Performance, adds stress Take it Easy: Slower Performance, less stress Practice Illicit Activities: Increases athletic skill at work Meet Accomplices: Build relationship with co-workers Conspire with Accomplices: Build relationship with co-workers Do a Side Job: Perform this tone to earn side cash Grovel to Leader: DarkPrincessLove on Jun 29, Verified by: Increase performance, adds stress Take it Easy: Slower performance, less stress Practice Cooking: Increases cooking skill at work Meet Co-Workers: Extremely Easy Lifetime Goal.

Ifyour fed up of sending your sim to school then go to options on the lefthand side and click edit town,click bulldoze and delete the school. Minnow Skill Level Required: Anchovy Skill Level Required: Goldfish Skill Level Required: Alley Catfish Skill Level Required: Jellyfish Skill Level Required: Rainbow Trout Skill Level Required: Red Herring Skill Level Required: Tuna Skill Level Required: Piranha Skill Level Required: Tragic Clownfish Skill Level Required: Siamese Catfish Skill Level Required:

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Home › The Sims: Legacy Titles › The Sims 3 › The Sims 3 Help Center My child and teen sims will lose homework occasionally. It usually doesn't affect their grade in my experience. The one thing that does remove homework in my game fairly reliably is traveling. If I send teens to the future or WA destinations they tend to lose their.

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Also if you let them start helping with the homework and once you get the first check mark, cancel the interaction and do it again. You can get all 3 times done in one sitting.

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Jul 09,  · News: Forum Activities: The Sims 4» Sims 4 - Gameplay Help, Building, and Addon Packs Discussion» Missing Homework School age Sims don't always put their homework back in their inventories. Sometimes I find it and put it back, but this time I can't find it. Someone mentioned a way to get replacement homework, maybe on the computer. homework object, technically the interaction is called GetHomeworkForDoWith) with a version that allows to select more than one Sim to do the homework with. Additional Credits.

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Jun 02,  · For The Sims 3 on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "how do I get my clid to do their homework?". Menu. how do I get my clid to do their homework? I am having problems figuring out how to get my child to do her! User Info: brob4. brob4 - 86%(75). Jul 16,  · Is there a sims 3 cheat for doing homework? so is there a cheat for in the sims 3 for doing homework? i dont want to cheat on someone, i want a cheat (as in ctrl+shift+c) to either delete or just get rid of homework all together because it's pretty Resolved.