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Workers over 50 are the new 'unemployables'

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❶Avoid generic radiology job resumes which just list credentials. Differentiate yourself during a job search using these careermarketing tips and strategies for the seasoned worker.

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The site is also a valuable resource for policy makers, researchers, and others seeking to explore and analyze local labor markets in Florida.

Employers searching for suitable candidates will benefit from the convenience of one web site for potential candidate searches and for review of job market trends. This dynamic information is contained in a statewide database to expand the job selection and recruitment process for every individual and employer.

Current data available on the Employ Florida website includes a strategic mix of job openings, career exploration, employer information, education and labor market research information.

Job seekers, students and employers may click on the site whenever they need accurate data to make informed decisions on careers, training, wages, occupation searches and resource recruitment. Take the time to discover new career opportunities and job candidates using the Employ Florida website.

There are twenty-four workforce regions in Florida. Each of these regions is accessible on the site. Updated information for the geographic area will display, whether your search ranges from a city in the Panhandle to a county in Central Florida; from the I-4 High Tech Corridor to Naples; or from Jacksonville to the Keys. Additionally, services offered through Employ Florida are free of charge. For information about workforce assistance and local community resources, please visit these websites: What is the purpose of this website?

This website was created to provide useful information to older, retirement-age job seekers who wish to remain in - or return to - the workforce. Why do older workers return to the workforce, or continue working past retirement age? Retirees and potential retirees today have many reasons for wanting to continue working or to return to the workforce: Many individuals need to supplement their retirement income given the longer length of time they are likely to live, therefore requiring extra resources.

Retirement is a time for many people to try a new career or to give back to their communities. Many individuals do not want to completely quit working, but do want a more flexible work situation as a "bridge" to full retirement. Are businesses actively looking to hire older workers? Forward thinking businesses are seeking ways to attract older adults. Many consider themselves older worker friendly because they: Actively seek and desire more experienced, even retired, employees; Are willing to provide on-the-job training; Are adapting human resource practices to address the demographic shifts, especially in Florida, with a dramatically increasing older population; and, Offer more flexible working arrangements including variable work hours, temporary work assignments, transition into retirement, sabbatical options, and non-traditional working arrangements such as working from home or creative work schedules.

Chances are, you will have to send your resume electronically to a few employers. How should you send it? Because you want your document to be easy to read, you need to use a format that keeps the design of your document intact. Many employers use an Applicant Tracking System to help them find candidates who meet their qualifications requirements.

MS Word often lands on top of the best format list because it maintains an easy-to-read document and works well with ATS. If you have to send an electronic resume, you may want to use MS Word. When recruiters do want it, include the reference list at the end of your document under a special header. Use a bulleted list to include the name, relationship, and contact information of each of your references.

Summary statements serve an important purpose. They come at the top of your resume and give a brief overview of your most important skills, experiences, and accomplishments. By reading this section, employers may be able to figure out what sort of value you could add to their company.

As you set out to write your own statement, try to include skills and characteristics that are important to the industry, like communication abilities, initiative, and technical knowledge about policies. You can also mention your years of experience. While you may have a lot you want to say, try to keep this section to three sentences in either a paragraph or list format. Highly-motivated workers who are willing to travel and familiar with interviewing and investigation techniques. Insurance Skills To Include: Detail oriented and meticulous Strong verbal and written communication Able to empathize, yet maintain company policies Good analytical and decision-making skills Comfortable with numbers and math More Information: Experienced claims adjusters with a specialized knowledge of automotive damage.

Post Secondary award in auto body repair or experience at repair shop Technical knowledge of vehicles and estimating repair costs Strong analytical and investigative skills Good communication and listening skills Ability to build trust through interpersonal interactions More Information: Insurance Agent Resume Sample. Skilled insurance agents looking to use policy knowledge to create meaningful relationships with people and businesses. Familiarity with a variety of insurance policies and coverages Go-getter attitude and great initiative Strong communication and negotiation skills Ability to evaluate the needs of customers Confident and personable attitude More Information: Knowledgeable, experienced underwriter looking to make a positive impact on an insurance company.

Bachelor in Finance or related subject Completion of certifications or training programs Strong analytical and decision-making skills Great written and verbal communication Team-oriented with ability to build strong relationships More Information: Her resume shows she has more than 30 years of experience working as a teacher, librarian, academic administrator and fundraiser for non-profits.

The average age of Congress is something like Joe Biden is Ronald Reagan was in his 70s when he was president. Take Jill Cummings, 55, who has thought about dying her gray hair to improve her chances of landing a job. Nearly two-thirds of unemployed workers age 55 and older say they have been actively searching for a job for more than one year, compared to just one-third of younger workers, a recent survey by the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development at Rutgers University found.

Millions expect to outlive retirement savings.

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Age isn't always an advantage when you're job searching, especially in a competitive job market. Hiring managers can view older workers as more expensive to hire, as having outdated experience or too much experience, or as not being current with today's technology and workplaces.

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Older Worker's Resume—50+ Resume. If you're 50 or older and looking for a job, you probably have some questions about how this whole resume process applies to you.

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Older Worker. Older workers are a growing pool of untapped resources for solving your labor shortage problems. Learn more about hiring older workers, how to attract and retain older workers, and assess your business older worker climate. Part-time jobs for older workers If you're over 50 and looking for work, part-time jobs are a great solution. Learn about the options.

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Learn about the benefits you are entitled to as an injured worker. File a disputed claim. Discover how your rights are protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).Find out how you can help fight Workers' Compensation Fraud. Silver Services for Employers Welcome Florida employers willing to list jobs for all age groups, including older workers! Employ Florida - Silver Edition has been created to address the mutual needs of Florida employers / organizations and retirement-aged Florida jobseekers.