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❶And I returned home feeling lower than when I went to sleep. They do realize how fortunate they are to get her back, and they are so thankful to all who helped.

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He sat there, still holding her by the back of the neck. The cat sat waiting for him to drop her. After a bit, the bird tried to fly away with his companion in his beak, but she weighted him down and he hit the fence. The cat ran to attack him, and I ran out and ran the cat off. The bird had flown up to a branch, but as I turned to go into the house, the bird flew down, picked up his companion by the back of the neck, and flew off.

This was the most touching thing I have ever seen, and I wondered where in the world he took her. Dickie is a quaker I got my boyfriend now ex-boy for his birthday over three years ago. I fortunately get visitation rights every so often. Dickie is very well socialized, and loves to visit his "grandma" my mother at our office. He says so many things, appropriately and intelligently, that it would take up many pages, but I will give you some examples!

What are you looking at? You looking at me? There will only be one Dickie, though. He loves to give me "kisses kisses kisses" while kissing me very nicely and also says "Nice kisses" He also started some "quack quack" thing. So I ask him what Dickie Duck says, and he replies "quack quack". Well, Joey, his buddy has picked this up, and it is so funny to hear them quacking back and forth just like ducks!! I am from Australia.. I have I think I have a very unusual lodger in my house. She was found on the side of the road after falling a long way out of a tree.

When I first got her she was fitting almost everyday, but this has seemed to have stopped I looked after her for weeks and as she was only about 4 weeks old, she thought I was her Mum.

After about 3 months I took her to a magpie carer, in the hopes of setting her free. Even though I went to see her 3 times a week.. Finally, the carer rang me and asked me to come and get her. She had 10 other Magpies, but Lee just kept getting out and coming inside and pulling things out of the pantry and drinking the carers wine!!!

I brought her home I am greeted every morning, by this lovely little girl Lee , who curls up next to me. I woke this morning to see this lovely bird fast asleep in the crook of my arm.

She is fiercely protective of me, so if any visitors come over, she has to stay outside. She gets in the shower with me, comes when I call her and knows where the fridge is to get food and where the back door is to be let out. She often comes and finds me and makes some noises I guess she is very imprinted and knows nothing else but a human life. When I try to carol like a magpie, she always answers She never ceases to amaze me I never knew that birds could be so intelligent Just thought I would share this unusual relationship with you One of my best friends is a little gray and yellow cockatiel, named Mozart Moe for short.

Moe is a very spoiled bird. He shares his cage with a little blue parakeet named Bathobeen Toby for short. Moe also plays all kinds of games.

He likes to play cards. Last night, our family was playing cards, and Moe made an appearance on our card table. He loves to play with straws, he throws them around, hits people with them, and chews them to pieces. But, his favorite thing to do, is walk over to the china cabinet, and go up to the candy bowl, where he picks all the candy out and throws it on the floor, then, usually someone will come over to him and say "Bad bird.

Moe, are you a bad bird or a good bird? My dad recently mad a joke about him getting ready for his flight. He eats ice cream with my brother. Chews up my homework. Watches the Price is Right with my father. Moe is a joy to have in our family, and we love him deeply. We have a Newsagents shop, and two weeks ago, a customer came running in to ask if we had lost our parrot as there was a large gold and yellow bird sitting on his dustbin!

I rushed back with him and sure enough, there sat the most beautiful blue and gold macaw. I was used to carrying my own bird around in this way but really had to look up to Macaw! This was not easily achieved, as macaws do not easily fit into amazon cages! I resorted to oven gloves and a quick chase across the kitchen floor but obviously he was used to the strange ways of humans and after protesting loudly during his impending imprisonment, bore me no lasting ill will and put his head down for me to scratch.

This did leave us with a problem - two parrots - one cage! I had just contacted the assistant manager of one of our large local pet shops, who I had been told took in rescued birds when the phone rang. Macaw turned out to be Charlie and had come from only two streets away. After resisting arrest by the fire brigade, he had flown off out of sight.

April 6, was a tragic day for me and cockatiels. After going through a second psticosis treatment for both birds, my beloved 5 year old Peek-a-boo passed away.

I had been at work and came home, My mom said Kelli, Peek died. I fell to my knees crying. I felt I had failed her. They felt her immune system must have been compromised.

Peek died on a Tuesday, the night before she let me love on her and kiss her head and rub her head for about a half and hour. That is something she usually did not let me do. I believe she knew something was wrong. She was in no pain when she passed. She climbed like normal to the top of the cage and did her "King of the mountain" impression and my mom said she then just fell to the floor. My other tiel, Corie-6 yrs.

We have bonded more now and I try and show her everyday how much she means to me. After that day she seems to call louder now not wanting to be away from me. It has been six months and Corie still hollers. One day I sat the memorial picture of Peek up next to her on top of the cage.

Even though it has been 6 mos. On Sunday the 3rd of October I went to a bird show and a green little budgie picked me out. He is three mos. After quarantine I hope that these two will talk to one another and keep each other company. My flock is full again. No bird will ever replace Peek.

My heart is full of her. Corie and I are still healing and probably will for years to come. We recently introduced a second green-cheek conure, Gonzo, to our family. The first one, Tiki, is exactly one year older and has been the baby of the family since he came home. At first, his behavior was really really good he knows that appropriate behavior gets attention.

Things seemed to be working out beautifully. And that made him MAD. And he decided that it was my fault. He started doing all his naughty things: One day he said to me "Tiki step up Mama! I was so pleased, I picked him up. In exasperation I asked him "What has gotten into you? He fixed me with a beady little eye, nodded his head very decisively, and said "Gonzo! It seems like once he got that off his chest, he was able to tolerate Gonzo much better. They whistle back and forth, and play side-by-side in the same play space.

The boss of our house is Sweetpea, a 4 year old lovebird. She had a yeast infection around her beak and rest of her face, and over the next few months, lost most of her feathers. When the test for PBFD came back positive, the vet recommended that she be put to sleep.

Well, over the next 6 or 7 months after that, her feathers began growing back in, and they looked normal! We took her back to the vet, who agreed that she could be a survivor he said this was rare. She was tested 2 more times DNA method-most sensitive , and the 3rd time she was negative.

Well, now Sweetpea is healthy, gorgeous, and the life of the party. She keeps us laughing as she gets into everything we do. Of course, she thinks she is 10 feet tall and owns everything.

We figure we, and everybody, could learn from her "I can do anything attitude" and her exuberance for life. I have never seen that bird unhappy. Mary, SweetPea, our Peach-face lovebird. For years I have always called to my two dogs Sheba and TJ to have them come in, in the evening and to go out during the day. Well, no longer is this MY job! Grady, my 10 yr. I will just walk onto my patio where he stays in the summertime and go toward the door. He proceeds to whistle loudly for the dogs and say "TJ!

He never ceases to amaze me! This bird of mine, refuses to sleep in any cage. He loves sleeping in the bed. Whenever I get into bed in the evenings to watch TV, he will automatically join me under the covers.

After about 2 hours sleeping close to me, he will pop out and insist on a sip of Coke Cola. He is also very scared of the dark. When the light is switched on, he will jump out of bed and go to his food to eat, but as soon as you turn the light out, he will run and crawl back under the covers.

This has happened before. Probably not a good idea. She sleeps in a "Happy Hut" which I call her snuggie. After the lights are out Belle goes in her snuggie with her tail hanging out one side. Well, last night after a few "PEEKS", all of a sudden she ran inside to "hide", and the snuggie started jiggling and bouncing around violently.

I looked inside, and there she was on her back wiggling back and forth with her feet in the air, and grunt laughing and squeaking so hard the snuggie was really swaying. Even CurleyJo, the Quaker his cage is right next to hers started laughing, and he even said "Belle! My husband and I rescued Chico from an unloving situation when he was he was about 9 weeks old.

His approximate hatch-date was 6 Nov. He has been our little sweetie ever since. He likes to talk on the telephone! When it rings, he races toward it flat out yelling, "Come here little guy! He also likes to make up games. His favorite game is guessing what you are going to do next.

When he sees you walk toward the sink, he makes the running water sound. When you head for the refrigerator with a glass, he makes the sound of ice cubes rattling around and clinking in the glass. If you want to play, you have to say "Chicaboo" back to him. Then he pops his head out from behind a toy and says, "Here I Chico!

He has a baby brother named Mojo who is a Timneh African Gray. Chico is pretty much in charge around here, and Mojo does not like to be away from him for very long. Mojo has learned how to play the Chicaboo game with Chico and they call "Here I am! My Uncle Jim and Aunt Cathy have a three year old female who can hold her own against their dog. If she was going down, then the tongue was going too!

Well, needless to say, the dog and cockatiel are not allowed to be out at the same time. But at least she could hold her own!!!!! Three years ago, my Indian Ringneck was caged outside enjoying the late summer sun, with me. All of a sudden, it became windy, the cage blew over and cracked open.

Poor Charlie-boy was startled and flew off over the fence. After hours of searching, calling out and whistling, I resorted to making flyers and went around posting them anywhere I could. Everyone thought I was crazy!! He asked her his usual question, "What are you doing?

The moral of the story is that all men, at one point in time, stay out all night long, but always come home! I have a maroon-bellied Conure named Rebel who will soon have his own website, as soon as I can get some decent pictures to put up. He used to get down and eat her dog food while Violet was trying to eat. Conures are great comedians. Mine loves to fight with me, he will roll over on his back and bite my finger like a little puppy.

I have bought a blue crowned conure. When I first got Sunny, I thought that Sunny was going to be this nervous, noisy bird, but I was really wrong. Sunny was the most nicest thing!

When I first went in the car, it was a little bit scared because of the ride and because its first time out of his old home. When we were home, I set up his cage and everything. When Sunny got into his new home sweet home, the very first thing he did was say, "Pretty Bird! I held Sunny and taught him how to say Andria. But then I thought that a three syllable word would be too hard for him, so I taught him Dria. He says that very clearly now.

So I thought, this has to change, so I taught him how to say rise when the alarm went off. That was much better. She is 2 years old, and ruler of the roost! She is a constant source of amusement and amazement. I got her as a 6 month old baby, hand fed and domestically bred. She was sitting on a perch in a bird store, just waiting for me.

She saw me and whistled. When I walked up to her she cocked her head to the side and said "Hello. Last spring we added a Spaniel puppy to our family and I was concerned about what would happen if Mackenzie and Shelby the pup met face to face What they did then and still do now is touch their tongues together in a friendly greeting.

Mackenzie has quite a vocabulary, she can imitate voices perfectly. She even tells herself "Quiet, Mackenzie! One day she was at my office and I was working on the computer with my back to her. I heard someone say "Step up, come on, Step up! There was no one there, it was Mackenzie! About twice a day she holds a "scream fest" using her best jungle yell, I think she is trying to contact her distant relatives in South America.

I plan to have Mackenzie Macaw as part of the family for a long, long time. I am owned by seven feathered babies. I call them my change of life children. Five of them are budgies, and to them, I am the kind giant hand that feeds. Then there is Phydeaux, a gray Tiel. I got her when she was 10 days old. Well both of us lived thru that!

I thought I would have the only three year old still being hand fed. As soon as she learned to fly, off we went to have the wings clipped. The woman at the pet store assured me she could no longer fly. So off we went fishing with my husband. I felt so cool sitting on the bank of the river, reading my book and petting my Tiel on my shoulder. Without thinking I take my shoes off, jump in the Sabine river swimming across to rescue her. Happy ending, I got to her just as she was picking a fight with a huge red bird.

If we go outside now it is in her cage. Now about Cowboy my Jendaya Conure. I got Cowboy when he was about one year old. I have had him for almost two years now and he is so sweet. He does have his moments though. I hang them up by his perch and he will wrap them around himself lean back and go to sleep.

If I walk into the room to check on him he will poke one eye out and ask "What ya doing? Gizmo is a peach faced love bird that was rejected by his mother.

He has a smaller than usual beak and a turned up toe on one foot. He was about a week old at that point. No one believed he would live but his eyes told me what I needed to know. He was interested in life even way back then. He is my bundle of joy now and he thinks he is my child.

He was sleeping in my hand the other day and I wanted to lay on the couch and watch TV. He slept with his little head down under the covers until I woke him up. He opens his beak and moves his head like Stevie Wonder when I scratch his head. No noise, just head movement and a wide open beak. Whenever something is bothering me I just see Gizmo in my mind doing some of the endearing things he does and the blues just fade away.

My friendship and relationship with Rose Mouloccan Cockatoo began when I visited a local pet shop on my lunch breaks. I am an RN, so quite often I had my stethoscope hanging around my neck when I went to visit, which may have been what initially interested Rose about me. There, in the obscure corner of the store was the loudest, most obnoxious bird I had ever seen or heard. I was intrigued by this bird--I felt he was calling out to me because he was fine until he saw me.

Eventually, I bonded with Rosehe was happy to see me when I came in, and started calling out to me "I Love You" and made the wolf whistle and a clicking sound that I have since learned is a sound of contentment. He begged to have me come over to him by bobbing his head up and down and flapping his wings at me. The price on his head was beyond my ability to pay--so I made the pet store owner an offer that was half of the asking price.

I went in faithfully to visit my new friend, Rose who had been sexed as female. I was engaged at the time, and low and behold, two months before my husband and I were married, the pet store owner called and said he would sell Rose to us for the price I had offered him. Within two weeks this dangerous, mean bird was happily and quite contentedly riding around on my shoulder and saying a few words.

That was almost 5 years ago, and today we found out through DNA testing that Rose is a boy What Rose has taught me is that all of Gods creatures have feelings and needs that are not at all unlike those that we as humans have. Rose chose me to be his friend and he accepts my husband, but is also somewhat protective of me around him.

They have brought us so much joy and happiness in our lives, and keep us laughing and intrigued with their antics daily. Thank goodness my husband and Rose gave me "the bird" for a wedding present. Nanday Conures are very territorial, as I can attest. So I told him, "Max bad boy! From under the covers I heard, "Max Pretty Bird. The holidays are rolling around, and my birds have definitely noticed. They are getting all sorts of goodies not usually available to them, and they are loving it.

One day I was taking a nap with her cage right next to my bed. Suddenly I woke up, a little disoriented, but with the distinct impression that someone had pulled my hair.

I looked at Merlin, but she looked innocent, standing there quietly blinking those big Conure eyes. Strands of my hair were inside her cage, but she was nowhere near them. I was suspicious though. I pretended to close my eyes, but still kept them partially open. I watched as Merlin climbed down from her perch, went over to my hair and yanked it, then scrambled back to her original perch!

Once I was walking in a park with my mom, and we saw some robins land on a branch nearby. I thought they were cool, so we went over there.

My wife and I were given this little green devil a year ago. The previous owners had him in a very small cage and not much for toys. We first gave him a larger home. Added a branch, attached to the top of the cage.

Then found he liked to hear himself talk in plastic cups. We feel he likes to hear the echo of his voice. We then attached the cup to the branch with a spring type clothespin, supported by the top of the cage. Looked safe to us! He had many hours of enjoyment climbing in and out of the cup and talking to himself. One day he decided to play with the clothespin. Well if you can imagine, He was able to bite the end that you squeeze together. But as he backed away from the branch with the clothespin in mouth, he found that all the sudden he could not get rid of this clothespin.

Mouth wide open and fluttering like the wild beast he is! Well he was more than willing to let me take the clothespin out of his mouth. We no longer allow him to play with the clothespins, Not that he wants anything to do with them! She has about 4 different phrases that are definitely distinct but not quite intelligible yet. She loves to take baths and gets quite silly and very wet. Her favorite place is in my hands under the water filter faucet in the kitchen sink. Squawks like crazy and bites at it.

She can see out our front window from the top of her cage and watches for me to come home from work. A few weeks ago she started behaving like a small child at bedtime. She wants me to stand next to her cage with her on my shoulder and she snuggles under my neck and just wants to stay there all night. It takes me forever to get her to go to bed.

My boyfriend seems to be better at reading her signals than I am. She likes for me to lie on the floor on my stomach and she crawls down the front of my shirt and snuggles down and mumbles at me. And she regularly rolls over on her back when I play with her on the floor. We took a trip to the vet to get her a microchip a few weeks ago and she bit the vet. When he injected the chip she lost a little blood and the vet made the comment that "now they were even.

Tiki is my wonderful 8 month old Green Cheek Conure. His first phrase was "Step Up! The other day he proved that what I thought might be words and phrases are just that: I went to his cage and he said "Step up! Then he climbed onto my shoulder while saying "Ro-der up! Then he nipped my earlobe and said "OW! Toby or Tobster as we call him has known the names of all his fruits and veggies since he was just a few months old. The other day I was giving him a grape, and I said Tobster do you want a grape?

He looked at the grape and said "apple", I then said no Tobster it is a grape. He then replied again "apple". Once again I said no Toby it is a grape. Guess who got the last word in. I was on a well traveled road in Sedona, Arizona and I had my three year old daughter, Leah, with me. I gazed up into a tree that was in a residents yard and I saw the most beautiful parrot. I carefully opened my trunk and retrieved a pair of gloves to handle the bird. I wanted to keep all of my digits.

The bird was plucked from the branch and I had him safely tucked into my car and felt so good that I saved this creature. To my surprise the person that lived in the house came out and informed me that I was taking their bird.

Boy was I embarrassed. When I was on vacation in Norway early this year my mom kept Gospel for me. She went all over the house looking for him. He was nowhere to be found. If you can do it in sports, music, dance, etc. Try not to let fear or negative experiences turn you off to math. Practice a little math every day: It helps you build up your confidence and move your brain away from the panic button at test time.

Take advantage of your math class: Some classes, like chemistry, nursing, statistics, etc. Most professional jobs require at least some math. Granted, some more than others, but nonetheless math problem solving, numbers, etc So make sure that you embrace your math experience and make the most of it. Get help outside the classroom: Anytime you need to see some more examples, want to go through some practice problems or want to take a practice test on an algebra topic, it is just a click away.

See if your school has any tutors in math. Online whiteboards equipped with math symbols and graphs are used to communicate between the math e-structors and students. See if your school has a learning lab for math. It is a place where WT students can work on math homework and, as problems arise, get help.

The workers will be unable to sit with you one on one for long periods of time like a tutor, however they can help you work on specific questions. Remember that they are not there to do your homework, but to answer specific questions that you have. There are also computer programs, internet connections, and videos in there to help you. Math is a sequential subject.

That means that what you are learning today builds on what you learned yesterday. Even problems based on a new math concept will need some old skills to work them. It sounds simple but your time is limited, you have a job to go to, etc..

Its the final week of this season of Homework Hotline. Seattle is ahead of the curve when it comes to recycling, composting, Wind Turbine For Your Home. How big a wind turbine would you need to power your house?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. How well do you know what is in your refrigerator? I am a seventh and eighth grade Math teacher at World of Inquiry School. Grades 9 to 12 Colin Guilderland, NY: Science News for Students.

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