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Sort by date of Adoption: Sort events by dates of Adoption, statehood, and enabling act. Sort by date of Ratification: Sort events by dates of Ratification, statehood, and enabling act. Res 14, 62d Congress] on 15 August [due to his objection to the provision within this document providing for Recall of Judges]- this Constitution had to be resubmitted to the People so that Judges could be exempted from the Recall provision in order to satisfy the requirements of a second Joint Resolution of Congress 37 Stat.

The state Convention that adopted the Ordinance of Secession, 6 May , also slightly amended this Constitution by, for example, replacing the words "United States" with "Confederate States" , such amendments adopted on 22 May and not submitted to the People for ratification. The State of Arkansas considers this revision to be a separate, 2nd, Constitution from that of and, thus, numbers all subsequent State Constitutions those from on one ahead of the numerical sequence as seen on this list.

A previous Enabling Act [ 13 Stat. One of the 13 original States which declared their independence from the nascent British Empire on 4 July Connecticut which had formally abjured allegiance to the Crown of Great Britain, in lieu of drafting a new Constitution for itself, on 14 June operated under its colonial Charter of after independence until ] 1st 15 September [Convention convened, 26 August ] 5 October [ratified by vote of 13, to 12,; effective, 12 October One of the 13 original States which declared their independence from the nascent British Empire on 4 July ] 1st 10 September [Convention convened, 27 August ] 21 September [not submitted to the People: This was the so-called "Lecompton Constitution" which was put forth by "Slave Staters".

Meanwhile, the legislatively-authorized ratification vote was held only in anti-Slavery areas of the Territory on 4 January along with the "State" elections held Territory-wide: After the "Lecompton Constitution" was soundly defeated once and for all in August , this "Leavenworth Constitution" was put forth by the Free Staters as a viable alternative to that other Constitution based on claims that it had already been ratified by the People of Kansas prior to this latest ratification vote "do-over".

The Buchanan Administration, however, strenuously opposed this "Leavenworth Constitution" on the same grounds on which the previous Administration had opposed the "Topeka Constitution"- that the drafting Convention was not truly representative of all the political factions in the Territory- and, thus, it never became effective] 4th 29 July [Convention convened, 5 July The Free Staters now being in complete control of the Territorial government, this Constitution was drafted in order to deflect any claim by pro-Slavery opponents that either of the two previous Constitutions drafted by Free-Stater Conventions that is, those drafted at Topeka and Leavenworth were illegal; by holding yet a third Free-Stater Constitutional Convention, this potential problem was deftly avoided] 4 October [ratified by vote of 10, to 5,; effective upon Admission, 29 January ] Kentucky The 15th state , Admitted to the Union as a State, 1 June [the date for achieving Statehood had been expressly stated in the Enabling Act 1 Stat.

On 2 September , after this Constitution had already been ratified by the People, the Convention reconvened and- after approving a number of amendments to it- declared the amended result to have been adopted on 28 September] 3 August [ratified by a vote of , to 74,] Louisiana The 18th state , Admitted to the Union as a State, 30 April [by an Act of Congress of 8 April 2 Stat. The amendments proposed by the Commission were ratified by the People on 13 September , after which the Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court reworked the Constitution and its now 21 amendments into a newly recodified document: One of the 13 original States which declared their independence from the nascent British Empire on 4 July ] 1st 11 November [Convention convened, 14 August ] 11 November [not submitted to the People] 2nd 13 May [Convention convened, 4 November ] 4 June [effective, 4 July ] 3rd 6 September [Convention convened, 27 April ] 13 October [ratified by a vote of 30, to 29, One of the 13 original States which declared their independence from the nascent British Empire on 4 July ] 1st 2 March [Convention convened, 1 September ] 15 June [ratified by the annual Town Meetings in the Spring of Studybay uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

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