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❶Breadth To provide breadth of design knowledge, students select one course from three of the six different disciplines listed below 9 credits.

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Family, Inheritance, and the Environment in Medieval Japan. All Things Visible and Invisible: Par Cassel and Wang Zheng Dissertation: Hunt , PhD in History Advisors: Gregory Dowd and Rebecca Scott Dissertation: Farina Mir and Mrinalini Sinha Dissertation: The Politics of Crime Control: Re-Assembling Romanian Forest Commons. Ray Van Dam Dissertation: Nancy Rose Hunt Dissertation: Vagabonds, Carriers, Spirits, and Chiefs: Conflict and Mediation in Portuguese Angola, Soldiers of their Own: Race, Law, and Governance in Cuba, Weaving and Unraveling the Factory Town: Michael Witgen and Gregory Dowd Dissertation: A Hospital in situ: That Women Could Matter: Building Lesbian Feminism in California, Matthew Lassiter and Anthony Chen Dissertation: John Fine and Pamela Ballinger Dissertation: Of Women, Faith, and Nation: Raymond Van Dam Dissertation: Mary Kelley and Brittany Hughes Dissertation: Vine and Palm Tree: David Potter and Bruce Frier Dissertation: Dario Gaggio and Andrew Shryock Dissertation: Contesting the Iranian Revolution: Germanness, Civilization, and Slavery: A Microcosm of the General Struggle: Black Thought and Activism in Montreal, A Felonious State of Mind: Peasant Heroes and symbolic Ennoblement: From the Popular Front to the Eastern Front: Inflated Hopes, Taxing Times: Life in the Nuclear Archipelago: The Material and the Real: American Conceptions of Materialism in the Nineteenth Century.

Historical Ethnography of Proximity in Harput. In Subversive Service of the Sublime State: Encountering Others, Imagining Modernity: Across the Colonial Divide: Friendship in the British Empire, What Makes a People? Profile of a Plant: Opera in a New Age: Mass Media, the "Popular," and Opera, Deborah Dash Moore Dissertation: God, War, and Politics: Deserts of Plenty, Rivers of Want: To Be My Own Mistress: The Jews of the Desert: Interracial Romances of American Empire: The Politics of Sexual Restraint: Transformations in Labor, Land and Community: The Poetics of Revolution: The Tides of Morality: La Voix des Femmes: The Tenacity of Bondage: As it was in the Beginning: The Borders of Citizenship: Visuality and Colonialism in the Congo: Civilian and Enlisted Filipinos within and beyond the U.

The Beginnings of Bacteriology in American Medicine: Taking Better Care of the Fields: Creole Citizens of France: Ray Van Da Dissertation: Assistant Professor, University of Alaska Southeast. Annie Hesp Dissertation Title: Andreea Marinescu Dissertation Title: Associate Professor, Colorado College. Roberto Robles-Valencia Dissertation Title: Ofelia Ros Dissertation Title: The Uncanny Laughs Once Again: Julie Robert Dissertation Title: Assistant Professor, University of Technology, Sydney.

Silvia Marchetti Dissertation Title: Diplomat, State of San Marino. Manuel Chinchilla Dissertation Title: The University of the South. Noelia Sol Cirnigliaro Dissertation Title: Through the Cellar and From the Window: Associate Professor, Dartmouth College. Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College. Faculty Fellow, New York University. Cristina Miguez Dissertation Title: Daniel Noemi Voionmaa Placement: Pedro Porben Dissertation Title: The Desired Revolution and the New Man: Radost Rangelova Dissertation Title: House, Factory, Beauty Salon, Brothel: Associate Professor, Gettysburg College.

Alana Reid Dissertation Title: Assistant Professor, University of Central Arkansas. Raquel Vega Duran Dissertation Title: Cristina Moreiras Menor Placement: Sergio Escobar Dissertation Title: Associate Professor, Truman State University. Michelle Miller Dissertation Title: Sharon Marquart Dissertation Title: Assistant Professor, Wilfred Laurier University. Andrea Fanta Dissertation Title: Assistant Professor, Florida International University.

The Political Constitution of the Literary: Ana Ros Dissertation Title: Living Memory, Leaving Countries. Anne McGee Dissertation Title: From Tomochic to Las Jornadas Villistas: Visiting Assistant Professor, Indiana University.

Leslie Marsh Dissertation Title: Associate Professor, Georgia State University. Patricia Keller Dissertation Title: Assistant Professor, Cornell University. Jonathan Snyder Dissertation Title: Reading Culture at the Threshold: Graduate Program Coordinator M.

Dominica Chang Dissertation Title: Associate Professor, Lawrence University. Olivier Delers Dissertation Title: The Other Rise of the Novel: Associate Professor, University of Richmond. Wilfredo Valentin Marquez Dissertation Title: Perceptions of national identity and the sociolinguistic distribution ofliquid variables in Puerto Rican Spanish Dissertation Chair: Lesley Milroy and Teresa Satterfield Placement: Assistant Professor, Millersville University.

Megan Saltzman Dissertation Title: Assistant Professor, West Chester University. Honorine Abessolo Dissertation Title: Postcolonial African Literature and Art: Benedicte Boisseron Dissertation Title: Taking the Postcolonial Lead: Frieda Ekotto and Jarrod Hayes Placement: Associate Professor, University of Montana.

Patrick Dodd Dissertation Title: Freelance Artist, New York City. Joanna Gill Dissertation Title: Between Rejection and Redemption: David Caron and Frieda Ekotto. The City of the Cholos. Constanza Svidler Dissertation Title: Narratives of Failure and Impossibility: Interim Manager, Kaiser Permanente. Megan Moore Dissertation Title: Assistant Professor, University of Missouri. Orlando Bentancor Dissertation Title: The Life of Metals in Potosi: Assistant Professor, Barnard College.

Susana Draper Dissertation Title: Transmutants in the Poslettered City: Associate Professor, Princeton University. Emma Garcia Dissertation Title: Francis Aparicio and Jossianna Arroyo Placement: Assistant Professor, Colby College. Luis Martin-Cabrera Dissertation Title: Monika Szumilak Dissertation Title: About Us People Events News.

Fraker Conference Interdisciplinary Workshops. Funding Package Resources Placement and Dissertations. Graduate Studies Placement and Dissertations Graduate Studies [X] close. Spanish Elizabeth Barrios Dissertation Title: Giorgio Bertellini Roberto Vezzani Dissertation title: Spanish Erika Almenara Dissertation Title:

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Describes most dissertations filed at University of Michigan, with full text for most* since A subset of the ProQuest Dissertations & Theses database. *Two factors cause a certain percentage of dissertations not to be included: 1) Since , the University of Michigan requires the full text.

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Dissertations and theses submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for master's or doctoral degrees at the University of Michigan. This collection also includes theses written by U-M faculty. Ph.D. dissertations at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor are awarded by the Rackham School of Graduate Studies.

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hw timetable Phd Dissertation Help University Of Michigan should i double space my college essay vincent van gogh research paper. ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Coverage: - Description: Indexes 90% of doctoral dissertations and some master's theses accepted each year in North America, plus thousands more from around the world.

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